IMPORTANT READ ITEMS NEEDED for Orientation meeting

@Arcadia Masonic Lodge Auditorium – Full Uniform 7PM

Arcadia Masonic Lodge 50 W. Duarte Rd. Arcadia, Ca. 91007

Please be on time and bring a notepad

Attendance is required.   

if scout cannot make it someone is required to be in attendance for them to take notes and sign them in.

Things you need for tonight
Forms are on web site


1. CONSENT FORM – All scouts fill out form Part A. Scouts under 18 Parents or Guadian must fill out Part B “Consent to Treat”. Turn in at Parade Orientation Meeting or email to subject line to be “CONSENT FORM YOUR NAME”. Due by November 5 at Scout Reception.

2. CREW 100 Scout Application – Fill out Youth Application under 18 years old. Adult Application if you are 18 or older on Jan. 2, 2023. You must take YPT. See GLAAC web site for YPT. Fill out form email to  subject line to “SCOUT APPLICATION YOUR NAME”. Due by November 5 at Scout Reception.

3. ROSE BOWL FOOTBALL TICKETS – if you want them Fill out form. You may pay with a check made out to “Pasadena Tournament of Roses”. You may pay with credit card (note $5 service fee per ticket). Put credit card information on form. Note ticket are electronic to your smart phone. Give form and checks to Bruce Renfrew. He turns in the forms to T of R. Due by November 5 at Scout Reception. Add scouts name to form and memo line on checks.

4. TOURNAMENT TROOP 2023 MERCHANDISE – Open site at “click here”. Click on the apparel to open the sizes and prices. Add to Shopping Cart. When Shopping Cart opens quantities can changed. Go to checkout. Person paying fill out “CHECKOUT INFORMATION STEP 2”. At “DELIVERY INFORMATION” fill in scout’s name. Next page check your order. Next page is PayPal payment all payments are by Debit or Credit Card. No checks or cash payments. 

Note all orders are due by November 5 at Scout Reception.

Print your online receipt for your records


We do not order extra merchandise for people that procrastinate. To have the orders to the scouts by second practice we must have all orders by November 5.

5. TOURNAMENT TROOP DUES – Payment will be done online the dues are $135 per scout. The site should be open by Oct. 26. We plan on having laptops at the Nov. 5 Scout Reception if you have problems with the site. This also paid by credit card.

      The fee online is $140.22.  the additional is to cover Credit card processing fees 

Print your online receipt for your records